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the ICOPA XIII conference in 2014 of Scriabin

ICOPA XIII conference


Infections and parasites of elks in the central regions of Russia
Gemosporidoza of farm, domestic and wild animals in the territory of the Russian Federation

All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Fundamental and Applied Parasitology of Animals and Plants named after K.I. Skryabin
Samoylovskaya N. A., Uspensky A.V., Novosad E.V., Gulyukin E.A., Malysheva N. S., Burenkas of Ampere-second., Orlova I.I., Belousova I.N.

ICOPA, the International Congress of Parasitology, is the most important world summit for parasitology; it gathers over 1000 scientists interested in research and teaching. ICOPA takes place each four years, this was the thirteenth edition and the first one held in a Latin American country. Mexico had the honor of being selected as the venue for this important event by the vote of the countries that are members of the World Federation of Parasitologists; to all of them our gratitude. The Mexican Society of Parasitology selected Mexico City because it has all the possibilities to host, attend and entertain visitors from all over the world; it has good weather, good security, best living standards in the country and a variety of cultural and commercial offers and prices. Furthermore, Mexico City congregates most individuals performing research and teaching of parasitology in the country and is the oldest capital of the American continent; it has beautiful architecture, pre-Hispanic sites and museums that jointly with Mexican gastronomy are a delight for tourists.

The XIII International Congress of Parasitology was held at the Hotel Camino Real in Mexico City from August 10 to 15, 2014.

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